Check Yourself Before You…

Our Bible class tonight focused on Acts 16. While discussing what happens when things don’t go your way, and bad things happen to you. Suddenly, I realized something that I had somehow forgot. Ten years ago today, I was 44 days away from getting married to the love of my life. I had just had […]

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7 Plus…Initial Thoughts

I’d like to offer my initial thoughts on Apple’s latest iteration of their flagship device, the 7 Plus. I’ll publish my wife’s review on it some time later next week. That’s right, my wife will write the review. I camped out for a few hours at AT&T early Friday morning on launch day to get […]

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Apple Apple Apple

So, today Apple had a big announcement. Just like every September in recent memory, this one centered around new product launches, specifically the Apple Watch and iPhone. Of course, we got a couple of surprises thrown in there that excited me. First, Mario is coming to the iPhone. A unique side-scrolling game blessed AND made […]

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Are You Not Entertained?

I won’t lie, this post comes after reading through different things written online, and seeing some of the comments that came from those posts. We occasionally sing a song at church, usually when it is a service geared for younger kids, or in Sunday School. The lyrics are: I’m happy today O yes I’m happy […]

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Where The Seed Falls

A couple of weeks ago, it was time to begin our bedtime routine. This means brushing teeth, getting a bath, and reading a book before prayers and song time. This night, we picked up a book we had not read in a little while, “Where The Seed Falls”. It is a book written and illustrated […]

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